The following Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between the potential Liberate Artists Dance Captain (the “Applicant,” and if the Applicant is under the age of 18, the Applicant’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) (the “Adult”) registering for the '21-'22 Liberate Artists Dance Captain Training Program (“LADC Program”) being organized and hosted by Liberate Artists Inc., a Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, CA (“Liberate”).

Application Commitment

The Applicant and/or Adult agree that once submitting the application that, if selected, the Applicant will automatically be registered for the LADC Program. A debit of $875.00 will be automatically charged when each LADC is chosen on August 1st 2021. The balance of $875 will be split over four months of $218.75 with the final payment being due January 2nd 2021. The Applicant and/or Adult also agree that if chosen the Applicant will complete the LADC Program in it's entirety and meet all deadlines and requirements of the program as listed here:

All Liberate Artists Dance Captains are required to:

  • Train Weekly At Their Home Studio

    • Pay LADC Fee of $1750.00

    *$875.00 automatically debited August 2nd or 3rd 2021. The balance of $875 will be split over four months of $218.75 with the final payment being due January 3rd 2021.

    • Attend Phoenix Fire Blaze 2022 (NYC)

    *Payment plan will start automatically, January 2022 - 6 payments of $199.92

    • Attend Camp LADC: October 8th -10th 2021 (LA)

    *tuition included in the price of registration

    • Attend Liberate L!VE: December 29th - 31st 2022 (NYC)

    *tuition included in the price of registration

    • Attend Monthly Community Dance Classes (Online)

    *LADC's may only miss 2 Community Dance Classes in order to graduate from the program

    • Brand Ambassador/ Merchandise Model for Liberate Artists

    • Community Service Requirements (In Community)

    • Completion Of Final LADC Project

    • Agree And Comply With Our LADC Terms And Conditions


The Applicant and/or Adult also understand that if the Applicant is not chosen to join us as part of the LADC Program that no fees will be charged.

Media Agreement 

The Applicant and/or Adult hereby irrevocably grants to Liberate and its affiliates, sponsors, and LADC Program organizers, the unconditional right to film, photograph and record photos and video of the LADC Program and each of its participants and attendees, including Applicant and/or Adult. The Applicant and/or Adult unconditionally consents to Liberate’s use, alteration and reproduction of all such filmed, photographed and recorded items for publicity purposes in all media including, without limitation, to all forms of: electronic digitization; telecommunication systems now known or created in the future; digital photography; two and three dimensional reproductions; sounds and electronically generated voice likenesses; and the right to license third parties to exercise such rights on behalf of Liberate, as Liberate considers appropriate in its sole discretion.

Refunds; Registration Credits; Rescheduling; Cancellations

Upon the Applicant being registered for LADC Program , no refunds will be authorized (except as provided herein) for reasons including, but not limited to, change of facility/venue, rescheduling of dates, or due to Applicant's inability to attend LADC Program. All payment plans initiated by Applicant and/or Adult must be completed in their entirety or: (i) such Applicant and/or Adult may forfeit all previously made payments.

Force Majeure Clause

The occurrence of an event which materially interferes with the ability of Liberate or its affiliates to perform its obligations or duties hereunder which is not within the reasonable control of Liberate or any of its affiliates, and which could not with the exercise of diligent efforts have been avoided, including, but not limited to, war, rebellion, earthquake, fire, accident, strike, riot, civil commotion, act of God, act of terrorism, change of law, curtailment of transportation facilities, public health warnings made by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or National Institutes of Health, or any other emergency of a comparable nature shall be referred to herein as a “Force Majeure Event.” If any LADC Program is impacted or threatens to impact the start date of any LADC Program, Liberate reserves the right to Reschedule the LADC Program at its sole discretion, and no refunds will be provided by virtue of such Rescheduling. In the event that Liberate does Reschedule an LADC Program due to a Force Majeure Event, any Applicant for that LADC Program will automatically be registered to the Rescheduled LADC Program date/(s)s. If Applicant cannot attend the Rescheduled date(/s), all such Registration payments will be held as a credit, redeemable against a future Liberate LADC Program bearing the same name and held within twelve months from the date of the LADC Program the Applicant was scheduled to attend. All such credits will expire after the aforementioned twelve-month period.

Payment Disputes

Applicant and/or Adult understands and acknowledges that if they file a payment dispute with their financial institution, ("Dispute") for any registration payment made to Liberate for the LADC Program that is defined in this agreement as having been Rescheduled or for any other reason, such Dispute will be vigorously defended by Liberate, with this agreement used as evidence. In the event that any Dispute is adjudicated before a court of law or equity, the prevailing party shall be entitled to collect reasonable attorney fees and costs arising from the losing party.

Applicant and/or Adult agree to contact Liberate, at, before any Dispute is raised with their a bank or credit card company.

Payment Plans 

Applicant and/or Adult agrees and understands that any payment plans offered by Liberate are a gesture of goodwill that Liberate is committed to providing educational access to all Applicants regardless of economic boundaries. Liberate’s offering of any payment plan is, and shall remain, at Liberate’s sole discretion. All payment plans must be completed in full. Failure to adhere to a payment plan may result in a reinstallation fee of $100 if a payment plan is stopped or auto cancels due to repeated failed collection attempts.

If Applicant and/or Adult is having problems completing payments, per their payment plan, they must contact

Liberate may adjust the payment plan to meet the financial requirements of Applicant and/or Adult when possible and at Liberate’s sole discretion.

No Hate & Bullying Agreement

Bullying and expressions of hate of any kind is prohibited at Liberate. This prohibition extends to the LADC Program, Liberate Artists events, online activities, online posts or comments, and related activities. Any Applicant and/or Adult that is determined, by Liberate, to be or to have been participating in hate speech or bullying [towards Liberate or any person or organization related to Liberate] the Applicant and/or Adult will be immediately and permanently be banned from any and all Liberate events and the LADC Program with no refunds being issued to such offending Applicant and/or Adult.


If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable, all other provisions remain in effect.  

In agreeing to this agreement, as things evolve, please note you are also agreeing to future iterations of this agreement.