Forward Movement: Movers

Below is the schedule and choreography tutorials for Forward Movement, Movers.

This choreography is itty bitty dancers in their 1st year of dancing!

Learn the choreography today and then dance it live with your Forward Movement Faculty Member July 27th - July 30th 2020!

Be sure to do a full body warm-up before learning any choreography!




Special Notes

• All LIVE Only Classes will have no pre-class choreography they are marked as "FULL LIVE CLASS" on the schedule.

Every class will have a LIVE component where participants will interact with faculty.

• Please only record and post class choreography after the LIVE class!

• If you don't have time to learn the choreography from the tutorial, no worries, we'll also show the tutorial prior to the live portion of class.

Closing Ceremonies is for everyone to get dressed up and celebrate what we've accomplished on throughout the week!


Color Coding

Pink Ombre Video Cover Photos: Classes with Shakers

• Green Ombre Video Cover Photo: Class with fellow Movers only


Live Class Etiquette

• Please sign in 10 minutes before class starts to ensure easy entry!

• Only participants that sign in with their REGISTERED NAME will be admitted.  

• Be kind and support each dancer no matter their skin color, body type, gender, or ability level.

• Post yourself dancing choreography and tag @LiberateArtists and your teacher so we can socially distance support you!


ZOOM links will be sent, via email, prior to the start of classes.

* Join us when you can! This is for you!!! Missing classes does not disqualify you from scholarship opportunities.




Class Choreography Tutorials
All choreography is mirrored.

Monday: July 27th 2020


7/27/20: Hip Hop

Nicole "Fox" Davis

(Click to view choreography on mobile device)

Tuesday: July 28th, 2020


Wednesday: July 29th, 2020


7/29/20: Creative Movement

Elle Doctor

(Click to view choreography on mobile device)

Thursday: July 30th, 2020


7/29/20: Broadway Jazz

Nicole "Fox" Davis

(Click to view choreography on mobile device)